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Ayesha thinks it feels funny to write about herself in the third person, but here goes. 

Ayesha has worked in television and digital media since 2009.


Ayesha values community and it shows in her work. Communication is that bridge that fosters community. When Ayesha met author-sociologist-poetess, Eve Ewing, Eve shared:

"We have such a limited time on this Earth before we perish; I find it peculiar for anyone to not grasp onto everything they have. The world needs whatever we can offer."

Similarly, Ayesha intertwines her passions for storytelling, writing, film, and human connection to share ideas and to draw people together. She is fueled by her innate flair for having meaningful, thought-provoking conversations with people from all walks of life, and for drawing out and showcasing the facets of humanity that bind us all together.

Her current aims involve utilizing the community relationships and skill set she has spent years building, including her communications and media backgrounds, and translating them into making a considerable positive impact — namely, to work behind the scenes on a grassroots level to bring about the change she hopes to see in the community.

Professional Background

For five years, Ayesha worked as a multimedia producer for Voice of America where she had her own television show. While there, she worked in infotainment and news and wore several hats.

Along with news reporting for multiple platforms from radio to web, social media and television, Ayesha also anchored, hosted, and reported for her primetime television show. In this role, her functions spanned all aspects of production.

The show aired internationally for three years, with two half-hour episodes airing every week, totaling 331 episodes at the end of its run. Ayesha was involved in each episode from start to finish, including conceptualization, writing, planning, translation, capturing video, editing, pre-, post- and field production, and leading teams. She was recognized by top level management for her track record in increasing viewer engagement by curating content for various platforms, especially social media.

Since then, Ayesha has been freelancing through roles in projects of the documentary film and television, advertisement, educational, community organization and nonprofit realms.

Her recent media projects have allowed her to work on some incredible projects with some very talented teams. She was on the crew of Field Studio's thought-provoking television show "The Future of America's Past," which premiered on PBS National around the nation in fall of 2019. The show has filmed two seasons thus far. 


Other notable recent projects include working with Vogue Arabia, UN Women, and Nervora, the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Greater Than AIDS national billboard and video campaigns, the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance series, a pro bono music video with the Girl Scouts of the USA, an advertisement for the Virginia Commonwealth University Institute of Contemporary Arts building, for Martha's Table, a documentary film on wounded war veterans who came together to form an inspiring music band, and an upcoming documentary film on renewable energy by the Property Brothers.

Latest Work: Vogue Arabia Documentary
Co-director, co-producer, co-editor, Second camera -- Underwater videography

Working on both ends of the camera lens has given Ayesha a well-rounded understanding of how to cover the most unique angles of a face, a frame, and a story (puns intended).

Storytelling for almost ten years has allowed Ayesha the privilege of gaining the experience of working both on camera to deliver messages, and behind the scenes to function as the various individual gears in the machine that make it possible for these messages to be seen and heard.

Ayesha's notable on-camera work includes advertisements for Barclay Card and Barnes and Noble, and she finds creative therapy in acting in student films and exciting team projects such as 24-hour film festivals. Although her professional focus is on production and communications work behind the lens.

Ayesha has also had the opportunity to contribute as a panelist on the Pulitzer Center Journalists Panel: "The Way We Tell Stories," has taught a “Storytelling and your Perspective” workshop at the William and Mary Global Film Fest, and has presented as keynote speaker at the Women’s Foundation of Pakistan HerPower reception.


Though English is Ayesha's first language, she is also fluent in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and has a working knowledge of Spanish (conversational level).


In addition to her work in production, Ayesha's professional background also includes charitable causes, management, event coordination, and writing of proposals, contracts and marketing material.

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