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“Ayesha Gilani [Taylor] has shown an outstanding storytelling talent that enhances the appeal and the relevance of the stories that are basically sad and heart wrenching, sometimes. Good storytelling can sometimes mask the roughness of the content!”

Bageshwar Verma and Bob Long, Office of Performance Review,

Global Strategy Group, May 22, 2014

"While the world has mostly had Pakistan on their minds for the [backlash] it is suffering from the Talibaan[sic], some Pakistanis have made the international media for their talent, hard work and commitment. Ayesha Gilani [Taylor] is helping to promote 'the beautiful land of rich culture and traditions'.”, "2009: The Year That Was," January 3, 2010

(Dawn News is Pakistan's highly regarded, oldest and most widely read English-language newspaper, established by the founder of Pakistan.)

"From the spotlight to the soapbox, this beauty queen is incredibly talented. From winning her tenth pageant title, representing the capital of the U.S.A., to shattering ratings records with her wildly popular primetime Pakistani TV show with a global following, to working in American media as a reporter, anchor, producer, writer, emcee, model, and actor, her ultimate passion is for people and their stories. A humanitarian, motivational speaker and animal lover, it's clear this queen's beauty is more than skin deep. Ayesha talks about her penchant for pageants, the power of story telling to change the world, what it's like being a household name in a country in which she's never lived, being inspired by her filmmaker husband, and exciting upcoming projects in American and international television."

Page 3 Magazine, "Ayesha Gilani Taylor: Beauty, Brains and Brawn," June, 2016

“A positive, intelligent, humble, beautiful, talented individual with an incredible work ethic: that’s how we describe Ayesha Gilani [Taylor].”
Sapna Magazine, “Breaking the Mold,” June 23, 2010


“Ayesha Gilani [Taylor] is what every Pakistani girl only dreams of being… Ayesha continues to prove to the people of Pakistan as well as to the world that she takes her field and work seriously and passionately. Set to travel the world, she takes up the challenge of changing preconceived notions of people about Pakistani women, thought to be oppressed and lackluster, through means of press conferences, conversations and friendships with fellow worldwide pageant queens and by personal example; she is indeed a true patriot.”

Ink Magazine, “Ayesha Gilani: Role Model and Beauty Queen,”

Jan-Mar 2011 Issue



“Kahani Pakistani establishes a high benchmark for its production and presentation quality. It shows the talent of the service’s television team, and underscores the fact that excellence in content creation, versioning, and production is possible by using limited resources in a creative manner.”

Bageshwar Verma and Bob Long, Office of Performance Review,

Global Strategy Group, May 22, 2014

“From fashion to philanthropy, to crowns, coaching and broadcasting, Ayesha has conquered her greatest fears -- as well as audiences across the globe.”

Page 3 Magazine, "Ayesha Gilani: Pak-American Passion," USA & Canada Edition 2014


“Always courting a bit of controversy . . . clashes between traditional culture and values and modern ways of thinking surface . . . Ayesha [takes] such trivialities in [her] stride, however, and [shuns] any criticism in order to portray the modern Pakistani woman.”

Khaleej Times, “Ayesha Gilani: I Was Born Ready,” September 19, 2009

(Khaleej Times is the longest running English language newspaper in the UAE.)

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