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"Kahani Pakistani" -- A Pakistani Tale


Americana : As seen through the eyes of a daughter of immigrants

As a multimedia producer at Voice of America, Ayesha created stories for television, web, social media, and radio, both in English and in Urdu (and occasionally in Spanish). She also spent four years performing in the role of producer, reporter, show host and anchor on her primetime television show,  “Kahani Pakistani” (A Pakistani Tale).

The show followed Ayesha through her travels around the U.S. and shared with international viewers a slice of Americana, with a special focus on fostering cross-cultural understanding and engagement amongst people in all walks of life. In this role, Ayesha worked on 331 episodes, almost 8,000 minutes of programming, and conducted approximately 1,450 interviews for this show alone. The half hour show aired twice a week, every week for 3 years without pause. It ended up becoming wildly popular, with latest ratings showing 78 million viewers watched on TV within Pakistan (pop. 200 million) alone, dish and web viewers worldwide were not included in the numbers. “Infotainment” = current events, social issues, entertainment, and lifestyle. Voice of America was the official external broadcasting arm of the U.S. government, broadcasting in 46 different languages globally.


Scroll down on this page to see select behind the scenes shots from Ayesha's adventures working on the set and in the field on "Kahani Pakistani."  #BTS


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