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Skills Snapshot

Pre-production  |  Post production  |  Field producing

Managing talent, stringers and crew in the field

Leading teams   |   Videography   |   Social media

Voice overs  |  Translations  |  Conducting interviews

Location scouting   |   Research   |   Booking interviews

Coordinating shoots   |   Conceptualization   |   Writing

Planning    |    Video editing     |    Line producing

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Storytelling for almost ten years has allowed Ayesha the privilege of gaining the experience of working both on camera to deliver messages, and behind the scenes to function as the various individual gears in the machine that make it possible for these messages to be seen and heard. Working on both ends of the camera lens has given Ayesha a well-rounded understanding of how to cover the most unique angles of a face, a frame, and a story (puns intended).

Ayesha has an ongoing obsession with expanding her proficiency in the powerful tools of the storytelling trade, such as videography, photography, non-linear video editing, and various facets of pre- and post-production. So whether she's capturing video for a documentary film project, or writing an essay about the stigma of mental illness in Brown culture, or directing a national billboard photo shoot, or writing her next short film script, or clamping C47s on diffusion while PAing, she is living the [her] dream.

Ayesha has been recognized for her unwavering work ethic, and is described by colleagues and associates as down-to-earth, relatable, and a trendsetter. Her unofficial nickname on set is "The People Whisperer," for her innate ability to make people feel comfortable and calm.

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Ayesha's freelance projects span the documentary film and television, advertisement, educational, community organization and nonprofit realms.

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